Copyright Liability Release

When submitting custom artwork, this agreement must be signed and included with your shipment.

I am asking Hi-Def Coatings to decorate equipment using image(s) or artwork that I have supplied to them. I know that Hi-Def Coatings will not print artwork or images subject to someone’s copyright, or that would be used for trademark infringement. I understand that I must confirm for Hi-Def Coatings that I have the right to use the image(s) or artwork that I am or have submitted, and that doing so will not result in copyright infringement nor will it lead to or contribute to trademark infringement.

I understand the reproduction or printing of another party’s works could constitute copyright infringement. I also understand that if someone’s trademark is used in a way that might create confusion, or mistake, or deception as to the source of those works could constitute trademark infringement.

I UNDERSTAND THAT HI-DEF COATINGS WILL BE RELYING ON THE STATEMENTS AND REPRESENTATIONS I AM MAKING IN THIS RELEASE IN AGREEING TO PRINT/REPRODUCE THE IMAGE(S) OR ARTWORK. I WARRANT AND REPRESENT TO HI-DEF COATINGS THAT: 1) my use of the image(s) or artwork will not confuse the public; 2) I am eighteen (18) years of age or older; 3) that I either own the artwork or image(s), or have been given permission by the owner of the artwork or image(s) to use and/or reproduce it, or have been given a license by the owner of the artwork or image(s) to use and/or reproduce it, or the image(s) or artwork is in the public domain.

I agree to indemnify, defend and hold Hi-Def Coatings harmless from any loss, demand, suit, damages, claim or action arising out of or related to the foregoing representation or my use of the artwork or image(s) or the reproduction/printing of the image(s) or artwork. I AGREE TO PAY any judgment, loss, costs and fees (including reasonable attorney fees) incurred by Hi-Def Coatings in connection with such a suit, demand, claim or damages or in connection with Hi-Def Coatings enforcement of the indemnification against me.