Powder Coating

Hi-Def Coatings is a full service powder coating shop with pretreatment, sand blasting, and chemical stripping capabilities. We offer powder coating services to manufacturers as well as custom projects for individuals or small businesses.
Hi-Def Coatings Powder Coating

Our 8′ x 8′ x 12′ oven allows us to coat a wide range of part sizes. With chemical stripping, pretreating, and sandblasting capabilities, we are ready to tackle almost any project.

We specialize in visually appealing parts. We have a zero tolerance policy for flaws and color abnormality. If your parts don’t look better than the competition, we aren’t doing our job.

We work closely with several powder coat manufacturers to choose the powder that best meets the needs of each individual customer. We also have extensive experience with textures and metallic finishes, giving you a wider range of options.

When tight tolerances aren’t an obstacle, powder coating provides an excellent base for our patent-pending ImageLock process, giving your parts a wide range of color depth and maximum visual appeal.

We welcome your custom project as well! Rims, outdoor furniture, bikes, motorcycle and ATV parts – if it can stand some heat, we can refinish it exactly the way you want. Small projects aren’t a problem for us.

More About Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finish option that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Unlike traditional liquid paints, powder coat doesn’t require a solvent. This means there are little to no volatile organic compounds involved in powder coating, making it a more environmentally-friendly finish option. Because there is no liquid carrier, powder coating can create a thicker coating without the running or sagging typically found with liquid paint.

Powder coating is applied using a process called electrostatic spray disposition. A spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then attracted to the grounded part. Electrostatic disposition works great for metal parts, but pretreatment allows for several other substrates to be powder coated, so long as they can withstand the heat required to cure the powder.

Powder coating is cured under heat, allowing it to flow together and form a hard finish that is tougher and more durable than liquid paint, yet still provides an attractive finish.

Because of the dry application of powder coating, and the strength and durability of the cured product, specialty finishes, such as textures or metallic flake, are easily accomplished.

What is Powder Coating

Is Powder Coating Right For Your Project?

Send us a message about your parts or custom project! We are always happy to discuss whether our services are the right fit for you or answer any questions!