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Unlike hydrographics, where a set amount of film must be produced for a pattern, we have ultimate control over every step of the process. Any artwork can easily be transferred to your firearm or other product. We offer nearly every Licensed Camo, as well as several custom options. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Our ImageLock process transfers your desired pattern directly into our top quality base coatings. This results in a deep-penetrating image that is extremely resistant to wear and tear. Our coatings are also stronger and more chemically resistant than alternatives. Your finish will outlast all of the competition.


ImageLock offers true high resolution at up to 1440 DPI, providing vibrant and rich color depth and clarity for a finish better than anything you’ve seen before. Licensed Camo owners are amazed at how good their patterns look the first time they see their camo done in our ImageLock process.

Our Services

Hi-Def Coatings specializes in coatings, and doing them right the first time around. We even guarantee all our finish options to be free from coating defects when you receive them.

Hi-Def Coatings offers decoration services and solutions for OEMs looking to take their products beyond solid colors, hydrographics, and outdated dye sublimation options. Since we are problem solvers first and finishers second, we offer custom solutions to OEMs looking to solidify their products above the competition and lighten their labor requirements.

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important your compound bow or firearm is to you. We offer our ImageLock services for firearms as well as for Xpedition bows. Got something you need powder coated? We can handle that, too.

Hi-Def Coatings Services for Original Equipment Manufacturers Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is ideal for solid color finishes, as well as textures and metallic options. Because powder coating will build over 1 mil thick, it is not recommended for tight tolerances. Powder coating is cured under heat and forms a very strong and durable finish that also provides extra benefits, like vibration dampening. Where tight tolerances aren’t a concern, powder coating is the recommended base for ImageLock.Read More »
Hi-Def Coatings Services for Original Equipment Manufacturers ImageLock


ImageLock is a dye sublimation method that uses pressure and heat to embed a high resolution image (up to 1440DPI) directly into your plastic parts or into one of our preferred base coatings, chosen to best match the properties and tolerance requirements of your parts. This results in a deep-penetrating image that is extremely resistant to wear and tear, and provides a much clearer image than comparable dye sublimation methods.Read More »
Hi-Def Coatings Services for Original Equipment Manufacturers KG Coatings

KG Coating

KG Coating is a thin, hard, abrasion resistant coating which is an excellent option as a solid color or metallic finish for your product. Some of the color options are also available as air cure, making KG a coating option for parts that can’t be exposed to the heat of powder coating. Because of its thin build, KG Coating is perfect for products with tight tolerances, such as firearms, making it an ideal base coating for the ImageLock process.Read More »

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